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Festival  Party  Fair

Tweety Cake is a portable tent based operation. Unlike truck or trailer operations which require huge space as well as driving access, we can set up in any space that is at least 10 ft x 10 ft.

Our set up is  designed to be completely portable. We have a gas fired shallow commercial fryer and a gas fired hot water sink. All tables are easy to assemble including the stainless table and fryer cart.

The funnel cake mix is dry and only requires water and mixing which is done on site. We do not pre-mix and store. This way we maintain the freshness required to deliver a superior product.  


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Festival  Party  Fair

Tweety Cake can make any 
event a fun filled day with
great snack food and the
best Lemonade you have
ever tasted. 

We are ready set up for any
Event you have even if it 
only lasts a few hours.

— All Funnel Cakes and Fingers are cooked to order —

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